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DOSSIER 22 HAUTES DILUTIONS : "mémoire de l'eau" : Hautes dilutions, vide, nanostructures

Homeopathy as Nano Medicine (2012)
by Dr. Saurav Arora
Homeopathy is a non-toxic system of western medical science originated in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. All system of medicines are prepared and administered in doses whose ingredients can be quantified to be below Avogadro limit except homeopathic medicine which is available in both below as well as above avogadro limit. The probability of finding a molecule (chemical or physical trace) of the original substance above avogadro limit is extremely small, but not zero. Homeopathic medicines above avogadro limit are known as high dilutions. The avogadro limit for potentisation is 23X/12C/LM4. 

Nanoparticles in homeopathy - recent research shows hormetic activation with high dilutions by Dr. Saurav Arora


Avogadro Limit Washed out by Nano-Associates of Water which Continue as Information Carriers in Serial Dilutions and End up with Generalized Concept of Medicines
By Chitta Ranjan Mahata (November 2017)

Abstract :
As per Avogadro number high potency (beyond 12c) homeo-medicines cannot have even traces of the starting material. So, how can they be medicines? If distinguishing chemical formula is the criterion, then they are non-medicines. Still, they continue to cure diseases for over two centuries. It implies a necessity to reorient our thinking. Thanks to the Structural Model backed by Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), we get the desired reorientation. QED predicts existence of ice-like structures called Coherent Domains (CD) in water at room temperature which is confirmed experimentally. These CDs are information carriers through serial dilution because their shape and size get influenced by factors like impurities, ions of other substances, large foreign molecules, physical perturbations, electromagnetic field etc. Unhindered by Avogadro limit the CDs continue their journey in homeopathic potentisation. These structures, in their turn, influence near-matching bio-molecules to serve as medicines, like antibiotics, leading to a generalized concept of medicine. Keywords: Structural Model; Quantum Electrodynamics (QED); CDs as information carriers; serial dilution; Generalized concept of medicine.

Water Memory Due to Chains of Nano-Pearls

Auguste Meessen, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Journal of Modern Physics, 2018,  9, 2657-2724

 Abstract :
Les molécules biologiquement actives créent des métabolites dans l'eau liquide en formant des cristaux ferroélectriques à domaine unique.
Ces nanoparticules sont sphériques et constituent des chaînes en croissance.
Les dipôles sont alignés, mais peuvent être mis en oscillation à la fréquence de vibration de la partie chargée des molécules actives.
Ils sont ensuite automatiquement isolés et deviennent des supports d'informations.
De plus, ils produisent un champ électrique oscillant, provoquant une multiplication autocatalytique de chaînes identiques au cours de dilutions successives.
Les molécules actives ne sont donc nécessaires que pour initier ce processus.
Normalement, ils excitent leurs récepteurs spécifiques par résonance, mais les chaînes isolées ont le même effet.
Cette théorie est confirmée par de nombreuses mesures.

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