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LIVRE : "The emerging science of water"

Introduction 5 

Part I. New Science of Water

Special properties of water 10
The Drama of Jacques Benveniste 22 
Neglected Facts about High Dilutions 31
What is the structure of water? 38
"Living water" of Viktor Schauberger 44
Water as a Complex Multicomponent System 65
Water as the Source of Chemical Work: “Burning of Water” 84 T
he Science of High Dilutions 98
Water as receiver and transmitter of information 124
Essay about Homeopathy 150
Water in the XXI Century 152
Water as a Detector of Emotions 164
Water as a Material Matrix for the Consciousness Field of Humankind 170 

Part II. Water and our Health 181 

Introduction 183
Water and Hygiene 186
When and how should we drink water? 189
What should we drink? 193
What should we drink? 198
Water Treatment Methods 200

Conclusion. 204
Index 205!/NEW-The-Emerging-Science-of-Water/p/89385001/category=5752170

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